Saturday, July 5, 2014

New AG Items and My Opinion: Part 3

Hey there! Here's Part 3 to my 3-part post with all the new AG items! Before we get started, be sure to read Part 1 and 2 from yesterday and the day before!

This Bouquet Bed and Bedding is cute and all, I really like the bed style, but the price- $213?! Yeah no. My dad can make one of these for me if I really want it that bad. (He made another doll bed for me based on Julie's bed. Thanks Dad!)

Gosh, this Bouquet Nightstand is horrible. Have you seen the price?! You can get a human nightstand for the same price! Plus, we can just use a jewelry box as a nightstand and it is a lot less expensive.

This Dining Table is cute and all, but nothing special. I do really like the chair covers, though.

I know this part of my 3-part post was a little short, but there wasn't much furniture for me to post about. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my 3-part post, I like giving my opinion of these items, even though AG will never read this and even if they do, they won't listen to my opinions and advice.

Did you enjoy this 3-part post? What was your favorite set? Did you agree/disagree with anything I said? Tell me below in the comments!

~Marisa <3


  1. I really like the bouquet bed and bedding set. But I agree it's too expensive. I also like the dining table and chairs. I wish it wasn't so expensive. I agree the dresser isn't very good. :)

  2. My favorite set is the bed, but I would never get it because it is so expensive! ;(

    ~ Mint

  3. I agree the prices are ridiculous! Everything is crazy exspensive!


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