Monday, December 30, 2013

In Helen... Again

Hello, everyone! How was your Christmas? Mine was great! I'd love to show you what I got, but that'll have to wait since we won't be home for a few days.
Because... We are going to Helen again!
If you didn't know, Helen is a small town (2.1 square miles) in Georgia. It is made to look like a small German town, and it is a big tourist attraction. We stayed there this summer when we went to the AG Atlanta store. I made a travel vlog, but didn't have time to post it. (It's 27 minutes long.)
So, long story short, we're here again. I brought Mosi (my new H4H doll I got for Christmas) and Kanani. Right now we're just traveling in the car, so there are some pictures below.
Marisa and her American Girls

P.S. I wrote this on Saturday when we were driving there and saved it as a draft, and just published it today....

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Delay on OOTW

As I said in my post from yesterday, we're in Helen, Georgia right now. I don't have any Outfit of the Week items with me, so I won't be able to do it today.
It'll have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday, but I will do it this week.

Marisa and her American Girls <3

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I am great! I know I said I wouldn't post today, but I can because...
And I got the Blogger app, so I can write posts right here from my tablet.
Also, I got a doll! She's not an 18 inch doll, though. She is a Hearts for Hearts doll, Mosi. I got her from my sister. Thanks, sis!
I won't tell you anything else I got so I won't spoil the surprise. I don't know if I'll post tomorrow (most likely I won't) so you might have to wait a couple days to see all that I got.
I had a really great Christmas. What about you?

Merry Christmas!
Marisa and her American Girls

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Deck the Halls

Happy Christmas Eve! My dolls are getting ready (at the last minute) for the big day tomorrow!
The room was busy with excitement as Christmas day got nearer.

The stockings were hung on the bedposts with care...

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there...

They hung up a festive paper chain, too-

To brighten up the room, and fill it with cheer.

Kanani hid gifts under the bed,

while Liz made some cards.

Julie had finished all that one week before, so she read a magazine.

Shouldn't you go get ready now, Liz, since you're going to church with Marisa tonight?

Yes, let me just finish up this card.

And seal this envelope.

Now I'll go get ready.

Julie and Kanani chatted about what they want to get tomorrow.

Hmm... what should I wear?

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of this photo story! I'll post the rest of their Christmas not tomorrow, but Thursday, since tomorrow is Christmas and I won't be going on my computer.

Merry Christmas!
Marisa and her American Girls <3

Monday, December 23, 2013

Another Update on Isabelle!

I found these pictures on a post that was on this blog. They're of Isabelle's collection!

I'm really not sure if I like her collection. From what I see here, I don't like it so far. That's too bad, because I really planned on getting her. 
But, that doesn't really matter, does it? As long as I like the actual doll, I can still get her. I don't have to get any outfits. I will get a ballet outfit for her, of course.
Also, ( I really hate this) the prices of dolls are going up. $120! Outrageous! $10 more that they are now! I seriously don't want to spend this much on dolls, but if I really want a new doll, I guess I'll have to.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let's Help The Doll Wardrobe Get 700 Followers!

I'll make this short.

Check out this blog, The Doll Wardrobe, follow them, and when they get to 700 followers they'll do a giveaway for a $60 AG gift card.

Sound good? Great. I'll let you get to it now.


Outfit of the Week: Week 6

Time for this week's Outfit of the Week! It was designed by Dollygirl and she chose Liz to model it for her.

Here are your selections for this week.




Jackets (optional):

Tights (optional):

Accessories (optional):

How to participate:
  1. Pick an outfit. For each category, pick an article of clothing to put an outfit together.
  2. Pick a doll to wear the outfit. Which doll would this outfit look good on? Bonus- pick a hairstyle!
  3. Include your name! In case you win, so I can announce who wins. 
Be sure to include all aspects of the outfit. If you don't, you don't have a good chance of winning.
Also, remember I judge by creativity and originality! Be very descriptive when writing your comment so I know what you're talking about.

Merry Christmas (two days!),

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Update on Isabelle

Wow, it's getting really close to Christmas isn't it? Only 3 days left! I can't wait!!!

Now, many of you have probably seen some of this. It's everything we know about Isabelle so far. Let's get started, shall we?

First, we now know what Isabelle completely looks like when she comes to you.
Isn't she beautiful? I know I'm going to get her. In this picture, you can see her accessories. From what we know, they are a hair clip, black jacket, sparkly gold purse, and some I.D. cards

We also know about her books. There are three- Isabelle, Designs by Isabelle, and To the Stars, Isabelle. They are all by Laurence Yep. (Just saying- I'm not a fan of Laurence Yep's books...)

Dolly Dorm Diaries got Isabelle somehow to check her out. Dolly Dorm Diaries was not her forever home, she sold Isabelle on Ebay. You can see the listing here. She is already sold.

I hope you enjoyed this little update on Isabelle. Will you be getting her? I hope I will!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Stopping Theme Thursday

You were probably wondering why I didn't do Theme Thursday yesterday, and that's because I'm stopping it.
I'm doing this because I don't get many entries, and this week I didn't get any. I don't really like the idea anymore, and it's too much for me to do.
At least it's right after when I started it, so you won't be too disappointed. 
I might start it up again when my blog gets more popular. If you like Theme Thursday, and you want me to start it again, I don't mind, if lots of people will participate. 

In the meantime, don't forget to keep working on getting some followers here! If you forgot, I need 20 by Christmas, and if we reach the goal, I'll hold a giveaway or contest! 


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MDT: Kanani

You know what time it is... time for another fun MDT! This one is Kanani... my all-time favorite doll! (No offense Liz and Julie.)
I love Kanani! (Obviously, I have her!) She is such a great doll, so unique. Her books are good, too, I have both! I TOTALLY recommend her! Even though this isn't a review... But let's just say that I really like her and if I didn't have her, I'd want to get her.

These are nice, I like them. Barksee is cute and I like the camera a lot. But, a problem I have with this is a lot of the things are paper, and I can make them myself... eek. It's still nice, though.

I like this outfit. I love the colors in Kanani's collection, they're my favorite colors. I like how this comes with the bandanna thing, it looks great in Kanani's hair. I like the ring on the front of the bathing suit, it's a nice detail.

AG was so creative when they made this... it's so cool! The design on the paddle board is phenomenal... I love it! I also really like the life jacket... it's such a cool addition! The map is a cool thing to have, too. And the dolls definitely need the sunscreen- don't need a sun-burnt doll! (Haha!)

Awww... this is a great thing to have in Kanani's collection! It goes with her book, and having the newspaper with it was fun. I personally wouldn't buy this, it's just a stuffed animal, but it's pretty cute.

I love this outfit! it is very casual, but cute! I absolutely love the belt! I wish I had gotten this when it was out. The only thing I don't understand about this outfit is the capris. It's HOT in Hawaii, AG!

Ooo... love it! This was such a cool thing to include for Kanani, and there are so many things you can do with it. The only problem is the PRICE... it was more than the doll. Now that's a problem.

SO CUTE!!! Oh my gosh, Kanani looks so adorable in this, I love it! I think it totally shows her Hawaiian heritage. 

Yes, I love these too! My favorite color (again!). The slippers looks so fuzzy and I like the tank top/tunic idea. I know AG likes to make tunic-like PJ's, and I think they're pretty interesting. (I just wouldn't wear pajamas like that.)

I really like this! The chair looks so comfy... it's also so Hawaiian- ish! (Yep, I make up words.) The ottoman was a very nice accessory to this set, and I think it included storage. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!! This is my absolute favorite outfit in Kanani's collection, I wish I had this! The dress is the perfect color (haha), the shoes are very fancy and beautiful, and the headband... I love it! This outfit is so wonderful.... no words can express how much I love this. (Well, they can, but... you get what I mean.)

Hmmm.. not sure if I like this.  Kanani never played ukulele in the books, and other than that, there's only food and a box in this set. Kind of bad for $34...

Well, how'd you like today's MDT? I had fun making it, instead of criticizing every single thing like I did in the last MDT I did (McKenna).
What things do you agree with me about? Disagree? 

Happy Blogging,

P.S. If you didn't see in my last post, I have 13 followers now! I need 7 more before Christmas! If you want to know about this, see my 20 Followers Challenge that is going on now. 

Kanani & Kanani

Hello, ya'll!
I just wanted to tell you about a blog that my friend Lu and I started. It's called Kanani & Kanani. Since Lu and I both have a Kanani doll, we started a blog where our Kanani dolls post about their lives and such.
Since it's not too popular yet, I just wanted to get the word out. The blog address is

I hope you like it. We don't post too much, since we both have our own main blogs, but that's okay... right?


P.S. 13 followers! Keep on going guys! Thanks!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monthly Doll Finds: December

Hello, everyone! Time for another Monthly Doll Finds! I know it's kind of late (I'm supposed to do these at the beginning of the month), but I didn't have time and I couldn't think of anything.
Onto the items...

  1. Today, we were at a local thrift shop and I saw this doll- sized stocking. It was only 50 cents! It's kind to hard to tell, but it's actually dark blue.

2. You may have remembered these from my Thanksgiving post. I made these out of clay for my dolls' Thanksgiving dinner.

Well, that's it for this month's doll finds. Sorry, I wish I had more, but I didn't have any spending money these past few months because I had to save up to buy everyone's Christmas presents. Next month I should have more, though, because I might get some things for Christmas!
I hope you enjoyed this month's doll finds and I hope you'll join me for more in the coming months. (2014! Yay!)


Monday, December 16, 2013

20 Followers Challenge!

Hello my doll-loving friends!
As some of you may have noticed, my number of followers has been increasing. I suspect this has been from the help of some of you. (Thanks!)
I think that with your help, we could get my number of followers to at least 20 before Christmas. As I'm writing this, I have 12 followers. We could get 8 more before Christmas. (1 each day!) Post about my blog, and advise your other doll-loving friends to visit.
I can't do this without you! It would be great if you would help me here.
You might be wondering, "What's in it for me?" Well, a contest or giveaway of course! The more followers I have, the more people will participate, and the more fun it'll be!
Want to help? That would be great! So, remember the goal- 20 followers before Christmas, December 25! I only need 8 more to do this contest.
Of course, we won't stop at 20 whenever we get there! How do you like the idea of setting a monthly goal? If we reach it, there's a possibility of more giveaways and contests!
I'd really appreciate your help with this. We're all in this together! I want to make my blog the best it can be, but my blog runs on you- my followers! If I didn't have you guys, my blog probably wouldn't be as good.
So, let's do it! It's a fun way to brighten up this festive holiday season!
Leave a comment if you're in- I love feedback! I'd love to know who's going to help me get 20 followers!


Outfit of the Week: Week 5

Hello everyone! Miss me yesterday? Sorry, I didn't have time to post this yesterday. Anyway, let's get on with this week's Outfit of the Week!

This outfit was designed by Sadie and she chose Kanani to model it for her.

Congratulations, Sadie!

This week, there won't be any pants. I want to see what you will do with the dresses. There are only three to choose from, but there are many combinations you can do. But, there will be shirts. You may want to consider putting a shirt under the dress to keep the doll warm.
Now, here are your selections...

 Shirts (optional):
Jackets, etc. (optional):
 Tights & Socks (optional):
 Accessories (optional):

How to participate:
  1. Pick an outfit. For each category, pick an article of clothing to put an outfit together.
  2. Pick a doll to wear the outfit. Which doll would this outfit look good on? Bonus- pick a hairstyle!
  3. Include your name! In case you win, so I can announce who wins. 
Be sure to include all aspects of the outfit. If you don't, you don't have a good chance of winning.
Also, remember I judge by creativity and originality! Be very descriptive when writing your comment so I know what you're talking about.

Happy Designing,