Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review of Madeline Hatter (EAH Doll)

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting for a while.
This post is going to be a review of Madeline Hatter. But of course you already knew that, because you most likely read the title before clicking on it.

Here she is!

Her face

Spoon earrings :D

Teacup headband

Hair... awesomely awesome! (Though not recommended for younger children) 


Dress <3

Polka dot tights!!!

And I thought Saige's ring was small and hard to lose... look at that thing! It comes off too! XP

Tea kettle purse thing. The top comes off. Sadly, a few days after these photos were taken, my dog got a hold of this and chewed it up... :( At least it wasn't the doll...stay optimistic!

Thanks for reading! Would you like to see more of Maddie?



  1. uh oh! better keep pupers away from her! I saw her at Walgreens the other day for 15.95 and thought about you ;) do they make mini ones?

    Your friend forever,

  2. She's so pretty! Aw, that's too bad about your kettle :(
    My friends actually have the sweetest dog, that eats legos, playmobiles, socks, shoes (preferable flip flops :P), stuffed animals, and of course food, so you are not alone when you have lost something to a dog :P

  3. She's cute! I lovvvvve her shoes! :)

  4. I just nominated you for the MagNeoBio award! Congrats! For more information go here:

  5. She's cute, but definitely not my favorite doll. Like her hands though, and the ADORABLE way you can pose dolls with movable joints, no matter how overly-big there heads are.


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