Saturday, March 1, 2014

31 Days of Photos

Today in my Blogger stream, I saw this post on one of the blogs I follow. It has a list of 31 things to draw for each day of the month.
So, instead of drawing, I am going to take a photo. Here is the list:

Day 1: Yourself
Day 2: Your favorite animal
Day 3: Favorite Food
Day 4: Favorite Place
Day 5: Your best friend(s)
Day 6: Your favorite Book Character (NOT movie character!)
Day 7: Your favorite word
Day 8: Your favorite animated character
Day 9: Your favorite TV show (or movie)
Day 10: Your favorite candy
Day 11: Turning point in your life
Day 12: Your most recent accomplishment
Day 13: Cartoons
Day 14: Your favorite fairytale
Day 15: Family Picture
Day 16: Inspiration
Day 17: Favorite plant
Day 18: Just a doodle
Day 19: Something new
Day 20: Something orange
Day 21: Something you want
Day 22: Something (or someone!) you miss
Day 23: Something you need
Day 24: A couple
Day 25: Scenery
Day 26: Something you don't like
Day 27: Someone you love
Day 28: Anything you'd like
Day 29: A place you want to go to
Day 30: Hands
Day 31: A Congrats banner for finishing the challenge

I have yet to take my photo for today, but I'll have it up later today. Keep an eye out for it!
I hope to improve my photography by doing this challenge. I guess we'll see how well it improves when March 31 comes around! ;)
Anyone care to join me in this challenge? Comment down below, and be sure to share your photos with me! You can even email them to me each day so I can post them along with mine if you'd like!
Good luck to everyone who is joining me for this month-long challenge!

~Marisa and her American Girls <3


  1. That sounds like fun. I might try something like that sometime soon.

  2. This looks cool! I'll see what I can do to participate.

  3. I know this is late, but may I join? Thanks!

  4. Oh, and would it work if I took them everyday but only sent them in or posted them once or twice a week? Otherwise I might not have time.


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