Thursday, September 4, 2014

BeForever- Part 6- Human Clothes

I love how they made these outfits modern! I'm actually super happy AG added this, it adds a lot to the historical collection! Let's go...

This is a beautiful dress. but please girls, don't wear sneakers with such a fancy dress. I'm not too crazy about the way the headband is placed on her head. But it's up to the girl how they wear it!

This cute, but I'm not crazy about it. I don't like the tights and I'm not crazy about those shoes they paired with it. But I do really love the color of the dress.

This is an adorable outfit! Totally represents a modern version of Kit. I wish my sister could get this, she's look awesome in it! It's too expensive though.

Could I please have this outfit in my size? It's perfect! Especially the shirt, because if you didn't know, I love horses!

This isn't the best outfit... It is a bit much, and looks kind of tacky. Like the shirt, the purple dip-dye and the colorful flowery peace sign don't go well together. And the giant bow belt on the skirt, is way to much. What is even on those leggings?

Beautiful!!! This dress is so adorable, I really wish they made it in my size! I might be able to fit into the 16... but probably not. ;)

I don't really see how this represents Caroline, well kind of, but not really. But I must say, this outfit is very cute. I'd love to wear this!

This dress is a beautiful shade of blue! I love it! It does look a bit short though.

Hope you enjoyed! this is the last post of my BeForever opinion mini-series. Did you enjoy the series? Should I do more like this? Tell me below! And if you missed any of the posts along the way, here they are!

Hope you enjoyed! I had a lot of fun giving my opinion on everything! Back to normal posts soon, I've got a bunch planned!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BeForever- Part 5- Mini Dolls

Sorry I missed a day! I had to do some homework last night, and had volleyball practice, so I ran out of time. But here it is today! Mini dolls...first of all, let me get this straight- they butchered the mini dolls in my opinion. They're definitely not as cute as they used to be. And all vinyl bodies?! No. Just no.

They ruined her. Just look at her's not cute! It's almost creepy in my opinion, and not realistic at all!

Rebecca is one of the best BeForever minis in my opinion. Her hair is beautiful, I wonder if it'll be like that when you get her out of the box. it I were to get a mini, I'd get her.

Aw, poor girl. Little Kit is just... ruined! 

This doesn't even look like Kaya. It's a cute doll, but not a very good representation.

I actually really like this new Julie mini. I'd get her, too.

Ughhhhh. This is creepy! Not adorable! This mini does not do beautiful Caroline justice.

I've never been a fan of Addy, so I wouldn't get this mini. She looks better than some other minis though.

So, that's it for minis! Poor Josefina didn't get a mini yet. :( If I was going to get one of these minis, i'd get Julie or Rebecca. What about you?


P.S. Tomorrow is Human Clothes!

Monday, September 1, 2014

BeForever- Part 4- Furniture

Another day has come! And today's item of focus is furniture! So let's get started.

This is cute and all, but totally not worth the price for something you can make mostly yourself.

This is cute I guess, but still, too much pink. I guess it would b good if you're going for a girly girl or princess feel though.

I love this egg chair! it's absolutely adorable, and I love how you can plug in your phone or MP3 player and play your music through the speakers! I'd love to get this someday.

Sorry there wasn't much in this installment, I think I put a lot of the furniture with the accessories. I hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow is mini dolls, so look forward to that!