Monday, September 1, 2014

BeForever- Part 4- Furniture

Another day has come! And today's item of focus is furniture! So let's get started.

This is cute and all, but totally not worth the price for something you can make mostly yourself.

This is cute I guess, but still, too much pink. I guess it would b good if you're going for a girly girl or princess feel though.

I love this egg chair! it's absolutely adorable, and I love how you can plug in your phone or MP3 player and play your music through the speakers! I'd love to get this someday.

Sorry there wasn't much in this installment, I think I put a lot of the furniture with the accessories. I hope you enjoyed it! Tomorrow is mini dolls, so look forward to that!



  1. I have a feeling the egg chair will sell out and be back ordered for Christmas. :)


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