Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BeForever- Part 5- Mini Dolls

Sorry I missed a day! I had to do some homework last night, and had volleyball practice, so I ran out of time. But here it is today! Mini dolls...first of all, let me get this straight- they butchered the mini dolls in my opinion. They're definitely not as cute as they used to be. And all vinyl bodies?! No. Just no.

They ruined her. Just look at her's not cute! It's almost creepy in my opinion, and not realistic at all!

Rebecca is one of the best BeForever minis in my opinion. Her hair is beautiful, I wonder if it'll be like that when you get her out of the box. it I were to get a mini, I'd get her.

Aw, poor girl. Little Kit is just... ruined! 

This doesn't even look like Kaya. It's a cute doll, but not a very good representation.

I actually really like this new Julie mini. I'd get her, too.

Ughhhhh. This is creepy! Not adorable! This mini does not do beautiful Caroline justice.

I've never been a fan of Addy, so I wouldn't get this mini. She looks better than some other minis though.

So, that's it for minis! Poor Josefina didn't get a mini yet. :( If I was going to get one of these minis, i'd get Julie or Rebecca. What about you?


P.S. Tomorrow is Human Clothes!


  1. I know, I hate the 'vinyl bodies' :( I don't really like Becky though, because her hair looks too long compared to the actual doll. But Kit does look bad... kind of scary!!

  2. Ugh. let's just say that. but I'm with ya, I'd get Julie or Becca.


  3. Yeah, I'm not fond of the new bodies either or the new faces. Julie and Rebecca are the cutest. Kaya isn't bad - but not a good likeness at all. Addy is cute too.

  4. I totally agree! Rebecca and Julie are the only cute ones! It's too bad the others are a little creppy. :(

    ~ Miny


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