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  Hi. As you probably know, I'm Marisa. I have three American Girl dolls. So, this is basically the story of my doll life.
  So, in the summer of 2009 we got an American Girl catalogue in our mailbox. I saw it and wanted to look at it. I basically took the whole day looking through the catalogue. Now I was exposed to the world of American Girl. As I looked through it, the historical character, Julie, caught my eye. I wanted her so badly.
  For the next two years I asked for an American Girl doll for Christmas. Finally, in 2010, I got an 18" Madame Alexander doll. She was very pretty and came in a cowgirl outfit. At the same time, my sister opened her own Madame Alexander doll. She named her Natalie. So, meanwhile, I was admiring my doll and trying to think of a name for her. I thought and thought, then came up with a name. Julie. Coincidentally, I did not name her after the American Girl, Julie. I only realized this was the name of the American Girl doll I had wanted after I had named her this.
  I was very happy with Julie and I liked her very much. I set up a little room for her in the corner of my bedroom and bought her some clothes that I hung up in my closet, since I didn't have a doll closet.
  I played with Julie for a long time, then suddenly in 2011, Julie's leg broke off. Madame Alexander dolls are not made like American Girl dolls. Their legs are connected with wire. The wire inside Julie's leg broke. I was very sad.
  Earlier in the year, my grandmother got an American Girl catalogue with the new Girl of the Year, Kanani! I loved her when I first saw the catalogue. I really, really wanted her. Before this, I had still wanted a real American Girl doll. And I had finally found the perfect one. I never thought that I would get her. So, after Julie's leg broke, my grandmother bought Kanani for me because she felt sorry for me. But, my mom had already sent Julie off to the Madame Alexander doll hospital to be fixed. She told my grandmother to wait until my birthday to give me Kanani. So, meanwhile, I was just waiting for my doll to come back.
  Soon enough, Julie was back, all fixed. So, I was back to the good old times with Julie. Then, my birthday came. I had Julie with me while I opened presents. I had no idea I was getting a doll. Then, I grabbed the long, slender box, and got all the wrapping paper off. I read the box. KANANI. I was so excited! My grandmother always comes to celebrate birthdays (she doesn't live very far away, only 40 minutes). I thanked her so much! Then my mom told me why I got Kanani. Now, I had two dolls.
  My sister still wanted a real American Girl doll, and she was a bit jealous of me, I think. She had wanted Josefina, the New Mexican historical doll. Then, in the Christmas of 2011, she got her. She was so excited!
  So, we played with our dolls, and we sometimes got American Girl catalogs. When we did, I always looked at them first.
  Okay, now I will explain imaginary friends. When we were very, very little, my sister came up with imaginary friends. So, for a long time, we had imaginary friends. I came up with an idea- to use American Girl dolls as imaginary friends.
  Then, in February of 2012, Julie's leg broke again. We couldn't send her to the doll hospital, because Madame Alexander sold their company and they closed down their doll hospital. We couldn't think of any way to fix her. At least I had Kanani. When we played, Julie stayed in her bed. We pretended that she was traveling the world. Then, months later, I had an idea. Duck tape! While I was at school, my mom went out and bought some colorful Duck tape. She taped up Julie's leg to her body. She was fixed!
  So, remember what I said about imaginary friends? Well, in 2011 My American Girl #55 came out. I liked her, and made her my imaginary friend.
  So, time passed, and now it was 2013. Our birthdays were coming up. And Saige came out. We both liked her a lot. I did a contest for her, but I didn't win. And I liked #55. But I had never thought about getting her as an actual doll.
  So, my sister's birthday comes before mine. My mom told her that she could either have a birthday party with lots of friends, or have an American Girl doll and a small play date with a few friends. Of course, she wanted a doll. Recently, she had been wanting Kit Kittredge, another historical character. So, she got her.
  My mom said that I could have the same thing. And I did. Before, I was thinking about buying either Saige or #55 (or, as an old imaginary friend, Liz). I could save up my allowance and buy one. I had decided that I liked #55 (or, let's just call her Liz from now on) better. So, I got Liz for my birthday.
 Sometime in July, I came across a blog- AmericanGirlFan. It inspired me to create a blog of my own- Marisa's American Girls. I don't think I really need to go into much detail about my blog, since you're on it right now and can explore it when you're done reading this.
 Then, at the end of summer (August) in 2013 my mom told me and my sister that we were going to Helen, Georgia. It is a couple hours away from Atlanta, where the American Girl store is. We were going to stay in Helen and go to the AG store on one day that we were there. On our trip, I vlogged. I took TONS of videos and pictures and put them into one 27 minute video to post on my blog and share my trip.
 My blog continued to grow, and I was very happy blogging and making new friends.
 One day in April 2014 I was on Google+ and found a picture of a woman with blue hair. I thought it was AWESOME. So, I asked my good online friend Juliet, who is very good with dying hair and stuff, if it was possible to make a doll like that. She told me that my best bet would be looking on Etsy and other online shops for a blue doll wig. So, I looked, and found on on Etsy! Then I found a used JLY #25 doll on Ebay for $65. She was in pretty good condition, and the problems were nothing I couldn't fix, so I bought her. I rewigged her, and she turned into my beautiful custom doll, Bristol.
 As some of you may know, the way I found AGTube was just like many other people have. I searched "american girl doll" on YouTube, and that's how I found everything. I had asked my mom if I could get a YouTube channel back then, which was probably April 2013 or so. Then in May 2014, she finally let me get one! So, my YouTube channel was created. I got lots of subscribers to start with from announcing it on my blog and Google+. Now I can make a bunch of AGSMs for all of you!
 And that pretty much sums up my whole entire AG life. Be sure to check back for more additions to my account of my life!


  1. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I have four dolls and love each of them in a different way:).
    my favorite will always be Kit though.
    I would like to email you and your dolls to get to know y'all better.
    I hope you have fun at the AG store:)!

    Your doll loving friend

    Lu and Kit~

    1. Feel free to email me through the blog email (marisasamericangirls@gmail.com). Also, please tell other people about it!


  3. Cool! I really enjoyed reading this!

    My blog: www.meandmelly.blogspot.com.au

  4. You might wanna change "I have three American Girl dolls" two "I have four American Girl Dolls" since you got Bristol. ;)

  5. You are totally right madison. Also, I love ag 55 (next to my ag 44). Ag 55 is also my imaginary friend, but I don't think I want to get her.

  6. ☆♡Bridget♡☆July 15, 2014 at 5:39 PM

    That was very interesting :D

  7. Don't forget to add Bristol to your story! ;)


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