Saturday, August 30, 2014

BeForever- Part 2- Clothing

Today I'm going to be giving my opinions of the outfits from BeForever! Without further ado, here they are...

No. Just. No. Too much pink!!! Samantha's whole freaking collection is pink and girly, I hate it!!! This wouldn't be nearly as bad if it was a different color. And that awful quality... we're paying more for less! So disappointed.

This isn't too bad. I actually think it's pretty cute, and I'm glad AG had the sense to at least make ONE outfit that wasn't pink.

Not too bad, I guess... it could be worse. I guess it's cute...I'm sure it'll grow on me as I see it more.

This is okay... Not my type of thing, but still cute. My sister would like it, she likes all that leopard print stuff.

This nightgown is cute. I don't like the pink, but it's still cute.

I love this!!! The color is beautiful and the dress is just absolutely gorgeous! I would love to get this sometime.

This is cute, I guess. I'm not sure if I like the vest, but I still like the design.

I like this outfit. It is a bit much, though, so I'd probably only use the things for mix and match.

I'm not crazy about this outfit. The tassels look like something on a curtain.

I would love this if it was a different color. It's way too much color.

I actually like this. Not sure if I'd buy it, but I like it.

Noooooooooo. This looks like a Cinderella costume. Not that I have a problem with Disney, but... this isn't something historically accurate for Caroline.

This is super cute! I love all the ruffles, even though I'm not much of a ruffle person. I love the color too.

That's it for today! Tomorrow we'll have accessories, so be sure to come back for that! 


  1. I totally agree! I'm really sad that a lot of Samantha stuff is pink. A lot of girls will love it though!

  2. I'm wondering what happened to the movies? And will they bring Felicity back and Kirsten?

  3. Hey! I got Madeline hatter for my birthday and she is so cute!


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