Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I must admit, I am very far behind on here. I haven't posted the OOTW from I don't even know how many weeks ago. I have a long list of posts to do. I have a giveaway (wink, wink) to post... But I need to know what y'all want to see! So comment below, and I'll try to do that!
Just so you know, the reason i haven't posted much recently is school started last week and I've been super busy. So, I apologize for that. I know you're getting tired of apology posts though, so I'll try not to do too many of those anymore. Every blogger takes breaks, and some take them more than others. :/
So, don't forget- tell me what you want to see! And if you don't mind, check out my YouTube channel! I'll be trying to post more often now, but it may be hard to juggle regular posting on both my blog and YouTube... they both take up so much time! I need time for homework, projects, school...
Anyway, I'll let you go now! Sorry for the mini-rant!



  1. I totally understand being busy with school. Don't worry about it! ;) I'll have to go check out your Youtube page.

    ~ Mint

  2. I'd like to see lots of crafts/DIY's/tutorials!!! :)

  3. I agree with American Girl Place, I'd enjoy seeing some tutorials =D and I totally understand the whole school thing, I started Monday and had lots of homework ever since...*sigh*...


  4. Photo shoots can be simple to do for a quick post.


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