Friday, August 29, 2014

BeForever- Part 1- Dolls and Meet Outfits

The next few day's posts will be my analyzation for BeForever! Starting with the dolls. =)

I'm so glad to have this beloved character back! I never really had a chance to get to "know" and love her, because I joined the AG fandom long after her retirement. I'm so glad she's back, she is the symbol and probably most loved doll of AG! i never really especially liked her, but just about an hour ago I was looking at her on the website, and realized I actually really like her and she is such a special doll that I should definitely get her someday. I may not like all the pink in her collection (more on that tomorrow), but I do really like this doll and she'll be on my wishlist for a while.

Let's be honest, I've always loved Rebecca. My friend (hey Sadie!) has her, and the pictures you see of Becca online do not do this doll justice! She is such a unique and beautiful doll, and her meet outfit is totally adorable!

You already know my opinion of Kit. And if you don't the following statement will sum it up for you. I want to steal this doll from my sister. She is sooooooo photogenic, and sooooooooo adorable, I NEED HER! But the meet outfit for her, DON'T GET ME WRONG, I love it, but it looks very modern and definitely not from kit's time period. SHE HAD FEED-SACK DRESSES FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. 

They really haven't changed miss Kaya here. But I still think she is very unique. I just wouldn't get her.

Julie is really cute. I especially love her new meet outfit! Is it just me or is her hair shorter?

Josefina is a classic, and a favorite in my house! She was my sister's first AG doll and she is such a sweetie! I'm so glad they didn't change her meet outfit too much, but I like her other one better, it is definitely more sophisticated and authentic. I'm glad we have it.

As most of you should know, I have wanted Caroline for a few months, she is really cute and would be a very good addition to my collection, she'd definitely add some variety. I do wish they changed her meet outfit though, it's too Barbie-ish.

To be honest, I've never liked Addie. I'll never get her. But I do really adore her new meet outfit, it's gorgeous! I'd love to buy it separately.

I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing my opinions of other BeForever products! I'll be splitting it into at least 3 parts, 1 each day! So far I have:
  1. Dolls and Meet Outfits (today)
  2. Clothing (tomorrow)
  3. Accessories
  4. Furniture
  5. Mini Dolls
Hope you look forward to these! Hope it doesn't get boring. :) (Tell me if it does!)

Have a nice evening (or day, depending when you read this!)


  1. This was a very interesting post, I love hearing other people's opinions!

  2. Notice, Kayas braids are not as neat as they were before. Idk if they think that's "more historicaly accurate" but I think its more a little something called "quality control".

  3. I think we share most of the same opinion, i personally think they changed Kaya's face mold...but i don't know if they really did or not!
    I like Addy's old dress better...but i think I'm one of the only ones, ;P
    Kit's outfit is definitely not accurate, but I'm considering getting it anyway ;)
    I can't wait to see the other posts!
    your friend,


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