Monday, March 10, 2014

Liebster Award

Thank you Claire for nominating me for the Liebster Award!

Now I must answer these questions!

1. Do you prefer reading an actual paper book or a book on a device?
I love them both, but I prefer on paper because you can take it everywhere with you.

2. Do you prefer baking cupcakes or eating them?
Eating them!!! (I actually have never made cupcakes...kinda sad, huh?)

3. Do you prefer doing someone else's hair or yourself?
Ooooooh, I am such a hair person! I love doing both! I just can't decide!

4. Winter or Summer?
Totally Summer, I can't stand the cold!!!

5. Spring or Fall?
Spring, I just love how it is so pretty with flowers blooming and the weather is just perfect. 

6. Nature or electronics?
Tough... both are wonderful. Both are essential to my life because I take photos of my dolls in nature, and use electronics to share them with the world. But I probably love nature more.

7. Lengthy books or short books?
Lengthy, you gotta love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings!

8. Spiders or bugs?
Oh, definitely bugs! I can't stand spiders, they creepy me out so much!!! I have arachnophobia! (I think...)

9. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? 

10. Swimming or Ice skating?
Definitely swimming, I am a failure at ice skating!

11. Making money or spending it?
Spending. Haha!

Now I will nominate 11 people to receive this award.

Christina from Simply Dollightful

The Spicys from Doll Delight

Clarisse from Clarisse's Closet

Bella and Lulu from Doll Mag

Nora and Maple from The Doll Wardrobe

Melody and Xyra from Tea Time with Melody Q

To all those nominated here, congratulations! Do the same thing I did here. And listed below are the questions you are to answer on your blog.
  1. When did you start blogging?
  2. What made you want to start a blog?
  3. What is your favorite doll?
  4. What doll do you want next?
  5. What doll should AG make next? (Like traits of a doll that you'd like, hair color/length, eyes, face mold, etc.)
  6. How many blogs do you currently contribute to?
  7. Do you plan to start any more blogs?
  8. Where is your favorite place to photograph your dolls?
  9. How good do you think you are at taking doll photos? Why?
  10. Will you ever "grow out of" dolls? Why/ why not?
  11. Do you prefer Historicals, My American Girls, or Girl of the Year dolls?
Now nominate 11 people to receive this award, and write a list of 11 questions for them to answer on their blogs.
Please know that the list of people nominated was in no particular order. Also, please understand that if your blog is not up there, it does not mean that your blog is not good. I follow over 30 blogs, so of course I couldn't list all of them.

Have fun discovering more blogs for you to follow! :)


  1. Thank you very much! We'll post on this shortly. :-D

  2. I also nominated you the Liebster Award which you can see on my blog! lol :D ( Keep up the great blogging!



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