Monday, March 3, 2014

Outfit Inspired by Isabelle

Today, Liz is going to be modeling a cute outfit inspired by Isabelle, put together by me. ;)

Cute! Now let's see what makes up this outfit, starting at the top! Scrolllllllllllllll down..... ;)

First up, we have this beautiful hairstyle. It is a French braid that goes down and ends in a side bun. It was inspired by a beautiful hairstyle that my friend wears a lot. :) I also included a purple highlight from the Bright Highlights set from AG, which I think looks really cool in a French braid.

Now we have the charm-keeper necklace that came with Liz. The shirt was kind of plain and needed something colorful on it, and this did the trick! it has different shades of pink/red, so it goes with the whole "ballet/girly" theme of this outfit.

We also have a white tank top here, which is actually a...

Doll Diaries shirt backwards! It's great that this shirt can serve multiple purposes like that. :)

Now here we have a white translucent tutu that I think looks really good with this outfit and really inferences the ballet theme. This isn't an item made for dolls I don't think, and I am not quite sure where it came from. We have had them for a long time, even before we got our dolls, so don't ask where they are from! ;)

Here are some pink and yellow leopard print leggings that are good to put under the tutu. The add a bit of pattern to the outfit, which is always good.

And, we decided that shoes didn't look good with this outfit, so Liz is left barefoot. I don't thin kit looks too bad! :)

Now how did you like that outfit? :D
Now check out some ballet poses that I convinced the reluctant Liz to do!

(And yes you do see Liz wearing a pink highlight on the other side of her head.)

Bye for now guys!!! 
Have you designed any outfits inspired by Isabelle?



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