Monday, December 30, 2013

In Helen... Again

Hello, everyone! How was your Christmas? Mine was great! I'd love to show you what I got, but that'll have to wait since we won't be home for a few days.
Because... We are going to Helen again!
If you didn't know, Helen is a small town (2.1 square miles) in Georgia. It is made to look like a small German town, and it is a big tourist attraction. We stayed there this summer when we went to the AG Atlanta store. I made a travel vlog, but didn't have time to post it. (It's 27 minutes long.)
So, long story short, we're here again. I brought Mosi (my new H4H doll I got for Christmas) and Kanani. Right now we're just traveling in the car, so there are some pictures below.
Marisa and her American Girls

P.S. I wrote this on Saturday when we were driving there and saved it as a draft, and just published it today....


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