Saturday, December 21, 2013

Update on Isabelle

Wow, it's getting really close to Christmas isn't it? Only 3 days left! I can't wait!!!

Now, many of you have probably seen some of this. It's everything we know about Isabelle so far. Let's get started, shall we?

First, we now know what Isabelle completely looks like when she comes to you.
Isn't she beautiful? I know I'm going to get her. In this picture, you can see her accessories. From what we know, they are a hair clip, black jacket, sparkly gold purse, and some I.D. cards

We also know about her books. There are three- Isabelle, Designs by Isabelle, and To the Stars, Isabelle. They are all by Laurence Yep. (Just saying- I'm not a fan of Laurence Yep's books...)

Dolly Dorm Diaries got Isabelle somehow to check her out. Dolly Dorm Diaries was not her forever home, she sold Isabelle on Ebay. You can see the listing here. She is already sold.

I hope you enjoyed this little update on Isabelle. Will you be getting her? I hope I will!


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  1. Isabelle is pretty! Im thinking of saving up for her! :D


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