Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MDT: McKenna

Time for another MDT, requested by Jessica!

Hmmm... she's okay. I never really liked McKenna. I don't think AG was very creative when they made her and I was never really into gymnastics. Her meet outfit's not so great either, I think it's a bit weird.

McKenna's accessories are nice. There are lots of everyday things that would be useful for her. My favorite thing in this set is probably the water bottle. It looks real! The trail mix was a good addition, too, but I could probably make it myself. The bag (which is the highlight of the set) is nice, but if someone who didn't have McKenna and their doll didn't do gymnastics, if they got this set, it would be kind of weird. I know it's supposed to go with her personality, but...

Eh, this outfit's okay... I'm not too crazy about that style of sweater and the skirt is so bland... Also, the shoes are very similar to her meet outfit shoes.
This set is nice. I like how they match and you could get it for any doll. I have a doll umbrella (it's not AG) and they're very nice and the dolls can hold them easily. I like the boots, too- they would be fun to use! (I love boots; most of my doll's shoes are boots.)
Finally, an outfit I actually like! I think this dress looks very casual and fancy at the same time, if you get what I mean. The heels are very cute and I like the gem at the center of all the straps. Oh, yes- you can't forget the hair clip! LOVE IT.
Awww! Look at this little puppy! Isn't he just so adorable? He's so unique! I really love him. (Finally)
I have mixed emotions about this outfit. I love the jacket, but the pants are so... plain. The sneakers are nice, too, but there are so many sets of sneakers that AG sells with their outfits that I hardly pay attention.
This outfit is nice, and I like how many combinations you can do with it. I like the little shrug-sweater thingie. The t-shirt is also a nice addition, too. I just think shoes should come with this... 

Okay, I like this, too. The colors are very bright and not too girly. That's another thing- I really like that there's NO PINK in McKenna's collection! Finally, AG! Okay, back to the outfit. I LOVE the ponytail holder. It's so... (what's the word)... festive? The accessories are nice, too, but what is the doll going to do with them?
These are nice. I like the jacket ,but there are too many jackets/sweaters in her collection. The medal is nice, too, but what would she do with it? I find this question coming up a lot with this collection. Oh, yeah- the slippers! They're a good addition to this set.

This was nice when AG came out with it the first time (this time), but now that they recreated it for My American Girl, it's not as special. It is very creative and I like it, but your doll wouldn't be doing gymnastics all the time, would she? So it's a lot of money to spend to use it that little. And there's not that much you could do with it, is there? I don't know too much about gymnastics, so if there is, please tell me.
Yeah... these are okay. I hate how McKenna's little ribbon design is on EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT of hers. I'm not too fond of this baseball tee design, either. 
Oooh! I love this bed! it's so big and awesome and unique and detailed! Since there's so much, I won't bore you by giving my opinion of every single item. The bed itself is very cool- but how does she get up there? There's no ladder, is there? Unless there's an attached one on the hidden side...? I love all the accessories it comes with- a complete bedroom almost! The chair/desk is a nice addition... she can do her homework at night, read a book, then go to bed! I also really like the memo board where she can display all her ribbons and put reminders up. And do you see the sliding door compartment at the bottom of the shelf? I think that's pretty cool. My book shelf is like that... (some trivia to remember!)

This set is good, but AG didn't really need to make a whole new "get better" set just to go with McKenna's story. I do like the signatures on the cast, though.

Well, that concludes another MDT!
What points do you agree with me about? What about disagree? What's your favorite part of McKenna's collection?



  1. I didn't really like her either she was nothing compared to Kanani or some others I could name I liked her special outfit as well.
    do you think I should do some of these on my blog that might be fun :)
    I'm not sure though.
    your friend Lu~

    1. Yep! About the WITOs- I'll telly you on a hangout.

  2. There are lots of things you could do with the gymnastics set! (I take gymnastics classes now lol)
    1. Make up your own bar/beam routines. (this is where my gymnast skills/moves trivia certainly comes in handy. Truly amazing what you can find in a book, isn't it?)
    2. Let your doll do them!
    3. Pose your doll doing a cool move on the equipment and post it, edit it in a cool way and post it, or print it out and frame it in a mini frame and put it on your doll's desk to represent her gymnastics-loving-style.
    4. Make a stopmotion of the dolls doing gymnastic routines.
    5. Same thing as above ^ but instead of AGSM, video (won't look as good though.)

    And even more. :D


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