Friday, December 13, 2013

My Opinion of GOTY 2014 Isabelle

I know I already told you what my opinion of Isabelle was, I want to update ya'll because I have a completely new opinion.
The blog I saw the new pictures at (you've probably already seen them) doesn't want us to use their pictures (they're nice though!) and it is called Dolly Dorm Diaries, so here's the links to the posts that I'll be talking about. (You might want to open all three in different tabs in your browser before you read this because I might be referencing them.)

First of all, I want to just say straight-out that I would like to save up my money next year to get Isabelle. I like her that much, unless another doll comes out that I like better. 
As I said in my other post, my only problem with her is the hazel eyes. As you all know, all my AG dolls have hazel eyes. (Nothing wrong with that, I'd just like some variety.) 
What I REALLY REALLY REALLY love about Isabelle is her hair piece. I love hair stuff, especially colored hair things (highlights, etc.). I also really like how her hair looks very cleanly cut. It's also straight, and none of my (AG) dolls have straight hair. I could do lots of hairstyles on her, especially because she's a ballerina and she'd have her hair up in a bun a lot. (Her hair would look GORGEOUS in a bun!)
Her meet outfit's cute too, and she's pretty much one of the only dolls that doesn't come with a dress or skirt. 

I think I'm pretty much done telling you everything, and don't be surprised if I add to this or make a completely new and updated post in the future (like this is). You never know who'll get Isabelle next...

Also, I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts this week. I was very busy so I couldn't post as much. It probably still seemed like a lot this week, but I like to post almost every day. I'll try to post tomorrow, too, and get up my Theme Thursday photo for this week. 

That's all for now (Oh yeah- 11 days 'til Christmas! Hooray!), 
Marisa <3


  1. Thanks for following me! I like your blog too <3
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Lots of love, Pretty Lilly

  2. I saw the Dolly Dorm Diaries posts too. I like Isabelle, but am still not in love with her. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of her collection.


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