Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

2013 was a great year for me. As you probably know, I started my blog in July. I gradually gained followers, and got more and more views. To all you followers and readers, thank you so much for making it a great first year!
Over 2013, I got 21 followers. I would like to thank all of you followers individually. Thank you so much- I couldn't have done it without your support and participation! 
  • Juliet XD
  • Margaret Johnson
  • NatureFairy
  • Kirren
  • Courtnie Preble
  • Vivienne Rose
  • Country Doll Studios
  • Gracie
  • Maria
  • Dollygirl
  • Amaya
  • Saige Copeland
  • Lisa G.
  • Melody Silverleaf
  • Meghan
  • Lainey Dunlap
  • Catie Dunlap
  • Ava Tuohy
  • Linda Arrington
  • LK Crouch
  • Sadie Chafe
Thank you! 

This year, I know that my amount of followers will increase, so I'd like to set a goal for the amount of followers to get this year. Of course I can't guarantee anything, but I can hope! My goal for followers this year is... 50! It would be great if I got more, but I don't expect it. 

It's a new year- for new improvements on my blog! I'd like to continue to make my blog better- and the only way I can do that is to find out what my readers want. Leave a comment telling me what kind of things you'd like to see on my blog this year. 

And every AG fan knows that every 1st of January brings... a new Girl of the Year! This year it's Isabelle Palmer (which we knew way before she came out). You've seen the multiple posts (How many? Three?) that I've done on her with my opinions and you probably figured that I would get her (I kind of said that, didn't I?). Well, yeah, I am! I can't get her right away, though- I'm buying her with my own money, so I have to save up! I got some money for Christmas, so I'll be putting some of that towards Isabelle. You'll be able to see my savings go up in the side bar- I'll have a section (probably at the top) that will tell you how much I have so far. I might be able to get her as early as May... but we'll see. 

About posts coming up...
I promised a post with the stuff I got for Christmas, so that will be coming up later this week.
Also, I need to do Outfit of the Week for this week since we were in Georgia on Sunday and I didn't have anything for it. That'll be coming too, but it might be next Sunday instead.
Since there's a new doll, of course you must see my opinion of her collection and the doll herself... so there'll be an MDT on Isabelle!
Yeah, since we were in Georgia, of course I have pictures! I'll show you those, too, if you'd like.
Oh, yes! I have 22 followers... so that means... I need to have that contest I promised! Keep an eye out for that!

That's about it for today's post! I hope you had a wonderful New Years' Day and that the rest of your 2014 is absolutely dolltastic! I look forward to making those improvements for my blog and seeing where my blog will take me this year! 

Happy New Year!
Marisa and her American Girls <3


  1. You're welcome and Happy New Year. May you quickly attain all your goals.

  2. Happy New year! Thank you for being my follower as well. I look forward to seeing how your blog will grow, I hope you reach your goal of 50 followers!

  3. Oh, and as for your poll on how I found your blog, I can only say that you found me first :)

  4. I see that you made the party horns from my tutorial on Carrot and Claire! :)

    1. Yes I did! Except I used curling ribbon instead of human party horn steamers, since I didn't have any of those. It was a great tutorial, thanks for posting it!
      Happy New Year!!!


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