Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Photoshoot in the Snow

It snowed today!!! For all of you who normally get snow and are probably thinking, "Oh great. I've had enough of snow!", where I live, we don't get snow normally. So I took this opportunity to do a photoshoot in the snow, because it could be a few years before it snows again here. (The last time it snowed was in 2010!) It wasn't enough to play in or make a snowman, but it was good enough for a photoshoot in my eyes! Take a look at the dolls enjoying the little dusting of snow (but lots of ice!) we got...

(Click on the photos to make them bigger. They look better that way.)

My sister took the following pictures...

Hope y'all enjoyed this photoshoot! Hope you're not getting bored of them. ;) Leave a comment below what your favorite picture was! Have you gotten any snow this winter? 

Stay warm!


  1. they look awesome! As well as toasty and warm. Very cute outfits.

  2. Beautiful! We get so much rain and so little snow :(


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