Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monthly Doll Finds: January!

Well, new year, new items! I've got some fun ones for this month's edition of Monthly Doll Finds.

Isn't this awesome?!?! I found this adorable doll-sized guitar at Kmart today in the Christmas section. It was originally a Christmas tree ornament, but it was easy to remove the string and VIOLA! All the Christmas stuff was 70% off, so I got this for $1.50!!! I just love it!

Here's a better picture of it. The detailing on it is great, just perfect for a stopmotion! I'm already thinking of some ideas... MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Sorry, it's kind of hard to see this. My mom bought some Chapstick and it came in this cute container. I think I could use it for anything for dolls, like cover it with wrapping paper and use it for a box of candy or something. Comment below some ideas!!!

BLING! Like my bling box? I got it from my Secret Santa when we did it at school. I think I'll use it for doll hair accessories or something like that. You can never go wrong with boxes!

Hope you enjoyed this month's doll finds!


  1. Fun stuff! That guitar is awesome- music is a massive part of life (as in, my family's only income is my dads-very music related-self employed-job in his studio), so instrument are very special to me. I just remembered that we have a guitar Christmas ornament just like that (actually, wee have several ;), but me and my mom just put away all the Christmas things a few days ago :( UGG!


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