Friday, July 4, 2014

New AG Items and My Opinion: Part 2

Hey there! I see you're back for Part 2 today! If you didn't read Part 1 yet, be sure to go check it out before you read this!

Hmmm... Isabelle's Makeup Set... this is cute I guess... but it really only teaches girls to paint their faces over and cover up their beautiful natural features. Yeah, I get that Isabelle has to wear makeup for dance, but... I still don't like this set.

The Sunset Sleepover Bag isn't anything special. I don't like the colors, and heck, the suns look like pizzas.

I love the Jewel Highlights Set! I have the Bright Highlights Set, and I think these would be a great addition to my highlight collection.

Really? Accent Braid Clips? Are these really needed? Just braid your doll's hair... 

This Doodle Backpack Set is perfect for back-to-school! I love all the colors. I'd love to get this set sometime.

These Trail Accessories aren't anything special. It looks too much like something from Saige's collection. It's nice and all, but I could probably make everything.

The Sunset Sleepover Tent is okay, I'm not crazy about it, though. I could get one for less money ($85? Seriously AG?) that comes with more things from Our Generation at Target.

Once again, this Camp Treats Set isn't anything special. I could make all the food with clay, and get the rest somewhere else for a lot cheaper.

Sure, this Aqua Earring Tree is nice, but I know how to make them. 

This Wrap Watch is nice, but I don't have a need for it. I do like this better than their other watches though.

I'm not sure if I like this Violet Heart Watch. It it was a real watch, I think it'd be hard to read, don't you think? And the colors are too girly for me.

These Pets Earrings are cute, but I liked AG's other pet earrings set better. What about you?

I love this Doodle Earrings set! They're so cute- especially the bows! I'm totally getting this set.

I'm glad they came out with this 3-in-1 Ring Set, but it takes away the uniqueness of Saige's ring. I think these rings look cheap and plastic though, so Saige's is a lot nicer. Plus, I can make my own nicer rings for my dolls.

I don't like the new pets. I think they ruined them, they looks like stuffed animals now. And the prices- $28? Really?

I like that they finally came out with collars and leashes. The themed sets (in case you didn't notice, each set matches a certain bed) are cute.

See? The leash matches this pet bed. (The flower set is my favorite, that's why I picked it.) ;) I really like the pet beds, they're very cute. Surprisingly they're less money than the pets.

This Seaside Tote Set is adorable, it would be great in Kanani's collection, don't you think? It's so pretty, and I'd really love to get it. Kanani would love it! 

This Beach Chair Set is wonderful too! I love the summery, Hawaiian colors. I'd really like to get this, and again, Kanani would love it. :)

I hope you enjoyed Part 2! Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow.

What is your favorite item? Do you agree with what I said? Tell me below in the comments. :)

~Marisa <3

P.S. Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a safe and happy day! ;)


  1. I agree with everything you said. My favorite item is the doodle backpack! :D

    ~ Mint

  2. I like the makeup set but only for the container LOL. I like the new pet accessories but your right the new pets look stupid. I like the doodle earing and the heart watch! I love love love the new backpack set!

  3. I also think the rings look really cheap, unfortunately

  4. Nice review. I do like the Corgi and Coconut puppy.
    I agree that many of these items we can make ourselves.

  5. I LOVE the jewel highlights set and the bright highlights set!

  6. I would definitely recommend the school bag set!! I just got it and it is really cute and fun to use in photoshoots :) my one complaint is that the picture on the pencil case is a sticker, and it might peel of over time and the notebooks are sort of fragile.


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