Thursday, July 3, 2014

New AG Items and My Opinion: Part 1

As you probably know, AG just released a bunch of new items. Of course, being the very, very opinionated person I am, I just had to do a post with my opinions of these sets. Now enough chatting, let's get into this post!

First up, we've got this beautiful new doll, MAG #61. I love this doll, and even though she looks a lot like Saige, she's very unique. She'd be good for anyone who wanted Saige, but didn't get her when she was still available. Now, you may be wondering if I'll be purchasing her. No. This is because she has the same wig style as Liz (#55). I may purchase her in the future, but I'd like to get some more variety in my collection before I start purchasing similar dolls.

I think Isabelle's Sparkle Outfit is very cute and pretty, but does she really need another dance outfit in her collection?

I love this Coconut Cutie Outfit! I think it's a very cute combination, and great for mix-and-match.i especially like the skirt, it can be worn for a casual or a formal occasion.

Okay... the Starry Hoodie Outfit... I don't like this at all. It doesn't match one bit, and the shirt looks very tacky. Maybe I'd like it if it was a different color, but it isn't so therefore, I don't like this.

NO! NO! NO! The School Stripes Outfit is not nice at all! Too many stripes, and you just don't wear sneakers with a dress. AG needs some better fashion sense for this one.

Eh... I kind of have mixed feelings about this Bright Stripes Outfit. It's cute and all, but not special enough for me to buy it. Also, it's not something anyone my age would wear these days.

Now this outfit- I like it a lot! It's the Petals and Plaid PJs. I love the design and colors. Also, the off-the-shoulder effect is adorable, with the fake tank top/cami underneath. I think the shirt doesn't have to just be pajamas either, they could be a normal shirt, and that would be adorable.

The 2-in-1 Cheer Gear is cute, I guess. I like how it has the tight long-sleeved shirt and the tight shorts, I think it's very different. But the dress thing is pretty much the same as the other cheerleading set, but it's just another color. I might get this for Liz, we'll see.

This Skateboarding Set is okay. I liked the other one a lot better, though. I mean, what girl wears a dress to go skateboarding? AG needs to realize that there are tomboys out there, too. 

Now this Karate Class Set- this is cute. This is something unique from AG, finally. I like it, but Our Generation sells one like this for a fraction of the cost.

Oh, this Sparkly Camp Outfit is adorable! I love this outfit, I'd really like to get it. The off-the-shoulder effect is adorable, and it's not very childish, either. I'm not crazy about the orange and purple together, but I can get past that. 

Aww, this Bee Myself Outfit is so cute! I can't get over the cuteness factor of this. It may be a little childish, but WHO CARES! Ahhh it's so cute!

This Sunny Isle Outfit is so cute and modern, I'd love to get this. The shorts especially scream "SUMMER!" and the shirt matches perfectly. And the hair flower is the perfect touch. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my opinions about these outfits. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

Do you like these outfits? Which one is your favorite? Do you disagree with anything I said? Tell me below in the comments!



  1. I agree with you on most of those! The only one I disagree on is the stripes dress. I don't like the sneakers with it, but what I like about it is the shape of the dress with the fit & flare look. My favorite outfit is the pjs! They are super cute! :)

    ~ Mint

  2. Kit has always liked Cheerleading, I've always wanted to get her one of the dresses, but they had changed the style, but this...this is similar to the one she liked! Maybe Liz and She could go together and get that set!
    I don't like the colour combinations on most of them, and siem of them are just hideous! no offense meant, if anyone likes them, I think AG needs some new stylers!

  3. I mostly agree, a lot of AG's stuff has gotten really expensive!

  4. I love that summer outfit SO much! If I was going to get anything from ag I would get that! I love those pjs and I agree that its stupid to wear a dress to skateboard like who does that? I also think its stupid for isabelle to have eight million differnt outfits. I think its more for little girls who want sparkly pink ballerina outfits ☺

  5. Of the new outfits, I like the Coconut Cutie, Bright Stripes, and Sunny Isle. I do like the bumble bee too, but it some limitations.

    The camping outfit is cute, but not for camping.

  6. I agree with you on a few of the products but most of them I have my own opinion on.. Especially the striped dress. I wore sneakers (silver high tops) with my mint green dress to a dance and it looked really good. Although many don't think so, I personally think sneakers can go very very well with a dress if worn appropriately. Otherwise, like you, I LOVE the camp outfit and sea breeze one :)

  7. ☆♡Bridget♡☆July 16, 2014 at 7:34 AM

    Things i like
    1. SUNNY ISLE OUTFIT!!!!!! :P
    2. Coconut cutie outfit
    3. School stripes outfit
    4. Sparkly camp outfit
    5. Isabelle's sparkle dress

    and some accessories that i am not going to say on this post :-)

  8. ☆♡Bridget♡☆July 16, 2014 at 7:39 AM

    Oh yeah .............

    I LLOOVVEE THE DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :D i have to have her :-) (and i like the PJ's too!!!!!!!!!!


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