Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MDT: Saige

Time for another MDT! What about doing Saige? (Suggested by Jessica)

Here's our Girl of the Year for 2013! (She won't be here much longer!) I really like Saige, I think she is very pretty and unique. I would like to read her story someday, too. I have mini Saige and I read her little mini book, but it's not the full book. Saige's dress is a very pretty color, though I'm not sure I like the ruffles. (I'm not a ruffle person.)
I like her accessories, but I think there could be more than just jewelry. And $28? Too expensive. And the gold pendant on the blue necklace doesn't even have a design on it! I do like the earrings, though, especially the gold ones.

LOVE THIS OUTFIT! I loved it when it came out. Even if you take the sweater off, it gives the outfit a "cool", (temperature-wise) look. And the shoes! Very cute. They are a bit similar to Kanani's meet outfit shoes.
I like this outfit, especially the gems on the shirt. The colors are nice, and the boots are cute because they have the heel. But what I don't like is that the hats don't come with it. If you want to buy them together, it's $54! Geez, such a ripoff!
This is a very cute outfit. I LOVE the boots (I have so many boots for my dolls!) and the necklace is a nice addition. The dress itself is very sparkly, and I like that. The fabric looks like it's very thin and breezy. If you have this outfit, could you please tell me what it feels like? I want to know. 
This is cute. I really like the shirt, but I think the shoes should be a different color. And the pants are kind of plain.
I think these pajamas are cute. I really like the colors and the design on the shirt. Personally, i don't really like long sleeves being worn with shorts, but I like this combination for pajamas.  And the slippers, they look so fuzzy!
The horse is okay... his color is nice, but I don't like that you have to buy the saddle separately, making the grand total $132! I do like some of the saddle accessories, though. The clicker is nice (although I've never seen a clicker being used for a horse) and the scarf goes with Saige's book.
Ooh, I like this set! It's very detailed, and everything looks realistic! I like the paint on the palette and ho it comes with so many paint brushes. The paintings are nice, too. 
Hmm... not sure I like this. First of all, the price. $24. Yeah. IT'S A DOG. Oh yeah, the leash. Nice addition, but I heard it's not detachable. No dog a wears a leash all the time. The dog itself is cute, but I wouldn't get it.
I think this is a very cool set. The accessories are nice and I think the price is reasonable. (It's $150.) The balloon is so big. I like the camera, it's kind of like the one that came in Kanani's accessories. 
I like this set. The food is unique and the blanket is very New Mexico-ish. I really like the guacamole, it's just like what you get in the restaurants! the water bottle is cool, it looks like it really has water in it! I also like the tamales. now, about the price... $38. Yep, it's too expensive for me. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this MDT! Comment down below your opinion of Saige's items!
Happy blogging,

P.S. I sent in some of my photos to this really awesome blog, Doll Delight. They did a post with them. 
P.P.S. Don't forget to check out the blog that Lu and I made with our Kanani dolls!


  1. Her story is really good. I hope you get to read them. We did a review of each book last February. Check them out when you have a chance.

  2. Her dress is really pretty! But it isn't like you thought. It's this funky material, and a TEENY bit stiff, but just a little bit.
    It feels like it has a few layers, but it doesn't.
    It's really worth the money though. The shoes are great, and it comes with an adorable necklace


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