Sunday, November 10, 2013

Doll Finds: November (NOT!)

So, this post is going to be short. As the post title says, this is NOT Doll Finds: November BECAUSE I have no doll finds this month! That sucks, right? Well, unless you count the props I made for my Dolloween video (sorry I haven't done that yet!) and I'm not giving away anything about the storyline. :P So right now I am a CoNfUsEd blogger here 'cause I have absolutely no idea what to post about! Unless you count that I am getting into photography and planning to improve mine... and yeah, you might say my photos on my blog SUCK but that's 'cause they've been taken with a webcam 'cause I've had no time to take actual pictures with my good camera, upload them, post them, yada yada yada...
Geez, I like ranting, don't I? Yeah I know that, all my friends tell me I do. Well, I guess that's it for now. Any ideas for new posts? Because I need them! Unless you want to see all my doll food or something. Blah. Well, comment and follow me if you haven't already.


Marisa: The Very Confused Blogger


  1. poor dear!
    Go check out for inspiration and there's a new great sale going on!!!!!
    talk to you on Saturday?


    1. Sounds cool! Thanks! And I can pretty much talk anytime- just tell me when!

  2. I find inspiration by watching doll stopmotions. Then I think of ever more awesome future stopmotions to out-do them! mwahaaa! no JK. Making a good post takes a lot of time, but just ranting (it's hard not to do that, isn't it?) is the kind of post people don't really want to read :P
    But that's ok, I know this post was made long ago so you probably already knew this already. xP

    1. Personally, I love reading rants! Just saying ;) But then again, it's all in perspective!


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