Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

It was Thanksgiving day, and the house was bustling with excitement...
With Josefina and Kanani in the kitchen,
Liz and Kit setting the table,
 and Julie and Natalie chatting away.
 "Well, the green beans are ready," said Kanani as she walked into the dining room.
"So is the corn," Josefina told them as she brought it in.
 When Josefina went back into the kitchen, she saw Kanani staring at her pie. "This looks good, Josefina!" she told her. "Thanks!" Josefina replied. "I'm going to put it in the oven when the turkey's ready." Kanani replied, "I think it should be ready now."
"Yep! Here it is! Doesn't it look good?" Kanani said as she took it out of the oven.
 "Yum! I can't wait to eat it."
 "Here's our royal bird!" Kanani joked as she took the turkey in and set it on the table.
 As Kanani set the turkey down, Kit said, "Half of our Thanksgiving buffet is ready! But we can't eat yet!"
 As Julie and Natalie were talking, suddenly Natalie's eyes widened. "I...SMELL...TURKEY!!!" She started running into the dining room.
 "Stop!" Kanani ordered. She stopped Natalie right before she ran into the table! "Sometimes you are just too crazy, Natalie..."
Kanani was just about to go back to the kitchen when Josefina walked in. "Here's the pie." "Good, now I just need to get the cranberry sauce and then we can eat. Make sure everyone's ready by the time I get back. Our food'll get cold if we wait any longer."
"Hey, Josefina," Liz said, "the pie you made looks really good." "Thanks, Liz. It's cherry pie," came the reply.
"Here's the cranberry sauce! Time to eat, everyone!" said Kanani as she brought the bowl in and set it down.
 "Hooray! I'm so hungry!" exclaimed Julie.
All the dolls gathered around the table to pray, then ate their Thanksgiving feast. They all could agree that this was the best Thanksgiving they had ever had; they were all together as great friends.


I hope you and your dolls enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, 
Marisa and her American Girls

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