Tuesday, November 19, 2013

MDT: Kirsten!

Here goes my first MDT! Thank you Annie for the request!
Here goes... Marisa's Doll Thoughts of Kirsten!

First of all, Kirsten Larson is a very cute doll. I think that she looks better in historical clothes than modern clothes, and I also think her hair looks cuter the way it comes.
I am not a fan of dolls with blond hair, bangs, and regular blue eyes, so I am not really a fan of Kirsten. I must say, her stories do sound interesting and I hope to read them some day.

Since Kirsten is now archived, she doesn't have a current collection, so I'll give you my opinion of some of her outfits.

Kirsten's accessories are ADORABLE. I absolutely LOVE her bonnet (I love bonnets!) and her bag is very cute. The spoon is a cute add-in, but I don't really get the purpose. The necklace is, well, okay, I mean, you could probably make something like this online. And hankies come with lots of dolls and I do not get the purpose. Dolls don't get colds! Ha ha...

This is Kirsten's school dress. I think it is very pretty and goes with her time well. i do think that the colors make it look more like a Christmas dress, though. I really like the shawl, very cute!

OH MY GOSH!!! I cannot express how adorable I think this outfit is! It is so so so so cute! I love how they incorporated this part of her culture/religion into her collection. The wreath is.. oh my gosh. So cute!

The birthday dress is cute, they could have added a pattern, but that's okay. I like the flower crown. This outfit isn't my favorite.

This dress is okay... the red shoes don't match AT ALL! They are too bright. I don't like the buttons going down the front, and the design isn't cute.

I really like this outfit. The skirt is very colorful and the white shirt tones it down so there isn't too much color. The little matching hairbows are a good addition. Adorable!


P.S. Comment down below what your favorite outfit was!


  1. I love your WITO. There are a few points where we disagree, but that is a-okay.
    Her stories are really good. When you get a chance do read them.
    The spoon is a wonderful accessory because of how she helps her Mama cook and bake. (You missed her baking outfit.) And hankies are for so much more than colds. :) I do wish we had a few more of her outfits.
    Looking forward to the WITO.

    1. Yep! I thought there would be some times that other people disagreed with some points I made, but that is okay! It's why there's so much variety among AG.
      And NOW I understand what the spoon is for! (Thanks!) Sorry I missed the baking outfit, I was only doing a few outfits because I didn't have much time.
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. :-D No worries, I am kind of biased when it comes to Kirsten.
      Plus you inspired a post on our end. I've linked you into it. will be up and running later.

  2. Wow!! Thanks so much!!!!
    I have Kirsten so I have her meet dress, (It is so adorable!!) but my favorite outfit (of her's) is the Baking Outfit and the Birthday Outfit.


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