Sunday, November 24, 2013

Outfit of the Week: Week 2

Thanks to everyone who participated in my first outfit of the week! This week, I will be revealing the outfit of the week (I have picked it based on creativity and originality) and giving you some more clothes to make new outfits.
Now, onto the Outfit of the Week...

Melody Silverleaf has chosen Kanani to model her outfit!


Now, here are your outfit choices for this week. In some categories there aren't many choices, but I know you will make the most of them. 


Pants & Skirts:



Socks & Tights:

Jackets, Coats, etc.:


In your comment:

  • The outfit- Tell me number and the category that it is in.
  • The doll- What doll would this outfit look good on? Keep this in mind.
  • Your name-  Just so I can announce who made the outfit if  you win.

If you haven't done this before, you might want to check out the last post when I did this. I go more into detail explaining the rules.

Happy Designing,

P.S. Remember, I pick the winner based on creativity and originality. Good luck! Also, if you don't win this time, there are plenty of future weeks to participate in!


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