Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Craft: Make a clay turkey!

Thanksgiving is getting nearer and nearer, and our dolls need a dinner! Chances are, your dolls probably eat turkey. So do mine!
Don't have a turkey dinner for your dolls? No problem! Just follow the instructions right here to make one out of clay.

  1. You'll need a tan color for your turkey, so if you don't have a tan color, mix brown and white until you get the right color.

It should be this color.

2. Separate the pieces like this. On piece should be smaller than the other.

3. Set the smaller piece to the side, and roll the bigger piece into a ball. 

4. Then smush it a little to make an oval shape.

5. Set the big piece aside. Grab the small piece, and split it in two.

6. Make each half into a shape like this.

7. Get the big piece, and pinch whichever side will be the back, like this.

8. Stick the halves to the side of the oval. You're done! (Sorry, you kind of have to turn your head to see this picture! Oops!)

Bonus: Other Foods!

Your dolls aren't only going to have turkey, are they? Here are some other foods that my sister and I made.

Cranberry sauce, made by my sister. Yum! It's in a blue bowl.

My favorite- cherry pie! I made this, and it's great!

Corn... my sister and I both made this.

Green beans- my sister made them! Awesome, and just the right color!

Well, that's it for now! I would love to see if you made any of these foods for your dolls. Send me a picture at my blog email

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!
Marisa and her American Girls

P.S. I'm out of school now for the rest of the week, so look forward to some exciting posts!
P.P.S. My friend Lu and I started a blog with our Kanani dolls! It's called Kanani & Kanani.

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