Monday, November 18, 2013

Insider Look at Saige!

So, my sister's friend came over yesterday for a playdate. She just celebrated her birthday recently and she got Saige! She brought her and her outfits when she came over and she let me use them and take pictures, all that stuff. Here are the pictures and what I thought of the outfits and the doll herself!

Saige is very pretty! Her eyes are just as blue as they are on the website. They are very bright and beautiful.

I took Saige's braid out (it wasn't her original braid) and did her hair. My sister's friend didn't know that you could do this with Saige's hair, so I showed her. I would recommend spraying her hair with water before you brush it, though, it can get frizzy and had lots of flyaways.

Here is the back. It's very curly! Also, it surprised me how red Saige's hair was. Her hair was also thicker than I thought it was.

Since my sister's friend got Saige's starter collection, she had Saige and her accessories, her sweater outfit, and her riding outfit and both hats. I put the sweater outfit on Liz (I've been wanting it since it came out!) and it looks very cute, don't you think? The sweater easily snags on things, though, so definitely don't brush her hair while she's wearing this outfit.

I put the riding outfit on Kanani and it looks very professional! Since Kanani does ride, I thought she could try it on.  The boots are SO cute, they even had little heels to help her grip the stirrup while riding! The only problem with this outfit was the belt- it didn't stay on very well. You could pull it trough the buckle, but the "buckle" didn't really buckle. Kanani is also wearing the parade hat in this picture. It is nice, but kind of bland.

Here she is wearing the riding helmet. It is very well made and cute, too. The chin strap is very nice, too- it is stretchy and has a buckle that works well.

Here is a side view of the riding helmet. It has a pretty design  on the side that is also textured. Very well made! Great job AG!

I also put the earrings on Liz. These are my favorite, I love how they dangle! They are also so long, I love them! the studs also came with the accessories, they are supposed to look like a turquoise stone. 

These are the feather dangles. They are cute, too, but I like the other dangles better.

And here is the one and only ring made by AG! It is nice, but it is so small and easy to lose. (Actually, it was lost at our house but then I found it in my room. And no, I didn't try to steal it. Ha ha!)

So, how do you like Saige? Did this post help you? Comment below!

Happy Blogging,

P.S. Look forward to an exciting and new post tomorrow!


  1. She's really pretty. I love how you styled her hair. Nice review.

  2. I love Saige! One of my friends has her, and she is soooo gorgeous! Great review!


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