Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New AG Places in Canada

Live in Canada and like AG? You're in luck! American Girl just announced that they will be opening two stores in Canada in Spring 2014. They will be stores within stores, but that's just as good! I am glad for the people who live in Canada and love AG (aka girloftheyearstudios). They will be opening one in Toronto and I forget where else. Check Doll Diaries for more info!
Do you live in Canada? Are you close to the new stores? Where do you want AG to open a store?
I wish there was one where I live!
Don't forget, Dolloween tomorrow! I am sorry, but my video will not come out tomorrow. I haven't had enough time to finish it yet. But, it will come out eventually.
Don't forget- the last day to enter the giveaway is Saturday November 2!

Happy Halloween,
Marisa and her American Girls <3

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