Sunday, October 20, 2013

New AG Outfit I Ordered!

Last Saturday, I ordered the Everyday Play Outfit from AG. They are retiring it, so it is on sale so they can get rid of it. it is normally $30, but right now it is on sale for $15! Half off! It is such a great price, and it looks adorable on all my dolls! Here it is on Liz:

This outfit comes with:

a corduroy jumper, 

 a long-sleeved t-shirt with a flower graphic on the right sleeve,

 low boots,

and a pink square "Loyal" charm.


This is an awesome, high quality, and adorable outfit (like all AG outfits). I totally recommend it, so get it before it's gone! Click here to order it! 
That's it for now! 


P.S. I am working on my Dollaween AGSM right now!


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