Saturday, October 12, 2013

Liz's Birthday tomorrow!

Guess what tomorrow is... Liz's Birthday! So, we have to celebrate it! I will be making a post tomorrow morning to celebrate! Please come leave a comment wishing her a happy 13th birthday!



"I can't wait for tomorrow, Kanani!" Liz said.

 "Shhhh! You'll wake up Julie!" exclaimed Kanani. "She goes to bed too early anyway," Liz replied.

 "I wonder what I'll get tomorrow," said Liz. "It's going to be my first birthday here with you guys!"

 "Well I am going to bed. I am SO tired," Kanani said. "Okay! See you in the morning!" came the reply.

 Liz decided she would shut off her light and go to bed too. She couldn't wait till tomorrow!

So Liz snuggled up in her bed and went to sleep, dreaming of tomorrow.


I hope you enjoyed my photo story! See you tomorrow! Look out for the birthday pictures...

~Marisa and her American Girls

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