Saturday, October 12, 2013

Monthly Doll Finds: October

At the beginning of each month, I am going to make a post called Monthly Doll Finds. It will include all the doll- sized things that I have found and/or made. This is the first one, October! With no further ado, here are my monthly doll finds for October...

I made this mini paintbrush by cutting a normal one to the length I wanted and smoothing the edge out with a nail file.

I put his highlight in Kanani's hair. I bought it at Claire's a few months ago and decided to put it in Kanani's hair. I just connected it to a bottom layer of hair and curled her hair with the highlight to curl it.

I made these marshmallows out of packing peanuts. I cut curved ones and put them in mini plastic bags. I drew on pieces of paper that I taped onto the bag to make labels.

My mom found these at Target and thought they were the perfect size for our dolls and bought them for me. 

I made this bracelet to look like the ones people make with the Rainbow Loom. I don't have the Rainbow Loom, though, because I know how to make them without the loom.

One of my friends let me have this mini card pack that she got at Walmart. She doesn't know I have dolls, but I thought it was cute and she let me have it. So now I don't have to buy one of the Uno or Apples-to-Apples mini card packs that they sell at Dollar General!


That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed seeing all my doll finds for the moth of October and you look forward to next month's finds. I certainly do. I can't wait to see what cool doll sized stuff I will accommodate next month!

Happy October!
~Marisa and her American Girls


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