Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yoga with Liz: Part 1

Hello, Liz here! I'm doing this post for Marisa today! I'm going to be doing some yoga with y'all today! I just started yoga, so if some poses aren't exactly right, don't blame me! ;)
Let's get started!

First, you're going to need a comfortable outfit. Not too loose though, so it isn't baggy and hanging down when you do your stretches.

I'm wearing a t-shirt and some Spandex shorts, the ones I wear for volleyball. They are sooooooo comfortable.

Also, you don't need any shoes. They will just get in your way and make everything harder.

Oh, and definitely don't forget to put your hair up! It gets really annoying if your hair is down! (Trust me, on my first day of yoga class my hair was down- a horrible mistake!)

There we go, that's better. A high ponytail is a great hairstyle, and sporty, too. You can do more with it, like adding braids and such, but today I don't feel the need to do that. Maybe next time!

And of course I need my glasses! I am literally as blind as a bat, I don't know how I could live without them! I have some croakies, too. They help so my glasses don't fall off when I am moving and doing all those stretches!

And how can you do yoga without your yoga mat? Mine is green with purple handles, I just love it! Now time to get started with some stretches!
Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2! We'll really get some sweat going! Haha.. not really! ;)
Bye for now!

~Liz (and Marisa, she helped me write this post! Hehe) ;)


  1. Love this. Did you make her croakies and mat?

    1. I did not make her croakies, they were some ones my mom gave me that she didn't need. I tried them on Liz's glasses and they fit! So, I just tied a knot in the back to shorten them and it worked! You can see more of them on my Monthly Doll Finds: February post that I did yesterday.
      And yes, I did make her mat, too. It came in the Doll Crafts book from AG. I glued the string on for handles and the thing that was holding it in the middle is just a wide piece of ribbon with Velcro. It was inspired by the one that holds Isabelle's mat in the set from AG.


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