Sunday, February 9, 2014

Which Doll?

So, as y'all may know, I am saving up for a doll to be purchased later this year. Originally I was going to get Isabelle, but I have been having second thoughts... So I need y'all's opinions! I have some other dolls on my list, so here goes...

1. Caroline- I have been warming up to Caroline ever since she came out. I really love her curls and her eyes are just so beautiful... but the only problem is her curls. Most of my dolls have curly/wavy hair (of course, not that curly). But, I think that she would be a really great addition to my collection, and I would like to have a historical.

2. MAG #40- As a few of you may know, I LOVE anime (Japanese animations) and manga (Japanese comics), so I am a Japanese freak. ;) This doll is Asian (duh) so I could make her Japanese... Which I think would be really cool- she could watch anime, read manga, make and eat sushi... and I could get her some kimonos! :D The problem is... she has dark hair. All of my dolls have brown hair, soooooo.... yeah. 

3. Isabelle- Yep, she's still on my list. I love her, but her hazel more hazel eyes in this doll family! And... the price. $10 more is a lot for just a hair extension, which I already have ones for Liz and Kanani. She's definitely not the highest on my list.

4. Felicity- Yes, I know she is retired, but I've always had a thing for miss Felicity. I love the colonial time period, and Felicity's collection is really cute (especially her fancy blue dress, absolutely love that). I would probably get her off Ebay, unless she is the doll that AG is un-archiving...

5. Elizabeth- I like Elizabeth, too. Not as much as Felicity, but she is a very pretty doll. I LOVE her meet outfit, too. I like her for the same reasons as Felicity... and I love both of their pin curls. :) I would also get her from Ebay.

That's pretty much all the dolls I would like to choose from, so, as I said before, I really need some help choosing. Tell me which doll you think I should get! Thanks!


  1. Well, the doll #40 is pretty, and I also think Isabelle is pretty!

  2. I think you should get Caroline or Felicity. My sister has Felicity, and she is adorable! And Caroline is almost at the top of my doll wish-list!

  3. Congratulations on moving closer to your goal. I'm not the most decisive person in the world, but right now I'm thinking you should hold your decision until after the spring releases are revealed. There is rumor of a new doll named Grace Thomas. Just a rumor at this point, but you never know. :-D

  4. I would love to see more posts from your dolls telling what they did each day or each week like a diary.

    I do not have a blog about anything yet. I don't plan to have one till I'm 18 or 19.

  5. I have a doll that looks like #40. She is #30. I think she is gorgeous! I think you should go for #40 or a red haired doll! :D

  6. Isabelle or Felicity. I think Caroline's hair would be really hard to take care of, even though she is absolutely beautiful!

  7. I have caroline . With a little practice her hair is not hard to manage.
    But if you mostly have curly haired dolls go for the straight haired one

  8. I think #40, Caroline, or Isabelle! I think if you bought something that was different than the rest of your dolls it would be really cool, you could have lots of diversity. I love Felicity and Elizabeth, but if you get them off of Ebay they might be damaged or bad quality. Good luck!

  9. I think Mag 40


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