Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Craft: Lunchbox

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to teach you how to make a really simple lunch box for your dolls from items that you may have around your house.

Let's get started!

You will need:

Duct tape
A tin (like Altoids, or Chap Stick as I have here)

1. Cut a piece of Duct tape long enough to fit over the top of your container. Be sure it can cover the sides, too.

2. Cover the top with your piece, and the extra hanging off the end you can stick inside.

3. Be sure to cover the sides on the top, too.

4. It should look like this. 

5. Now, cut another piece that is the same size as the first one. Again. make sure that is a little longer than the tin.

6. Cover the remaining top part. It's okay to overlap the pieces.

7. The opening should look like this, covered.

8. Now for the bottom. Cut the duct tape, again. 

9. Cover it, but don't cover the part that the top goes over.

10. Cut another piece and cover the rest of the bottom that is not covered. Once again, overlap them.

11. Now, cut a piece of duct tape that is 3 inches long.

12. Cut it in half.

13. Set 1 half aside and fold the remaining one in half.

14. Get the piece you set aside and cut it in half.

15. Tape the folded piece of duct tape to the part of the tin where the hinge is.

16. Viola! You're done!

Now you can put some food in your doll's new lunchbox and send her off to school! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this craft and that you can make it! If you do, send me a picture at Thanks! Have fun!

~Marisa and her American Girls


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