Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Monthly Doll Finds: February

It's time again for another Monthly Doll Finds! Let's cut right to the chase! ;)

This is a highlight I got for Kanani at Kmart on sale for $1. It was a little long, so I cut it. 

You might remember, she used to have a light blue one in. But I took it out and replaced it with this.

This is a lunchbox I made from a tutorial on Doll Diaries..

You probably remember this craft! This is another lunchbox I made with a tin and duct tape.

This is  little jar that I think marmalade came in... Ah, well. It's great for doll candies!

As you might be able to see, this is a tin that had loose tea in it. my dad finished it and let me have the tin. (Thanks!) ;)

Up close...

As some of you may know, my doll Liz wears glasses... and she needed some croakies! So my mom gave m these for no apparent reason except that she didn't need them, so I tried them on Liz's glasses and they fit! I tied a knot in the back to shorten them and voila! (You will see them in a post coming up.) ;)

Well that's it for now! Any new doll find in your collection?


  1. I made a doll belt out of a human belt! Check it out on my blog!


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