Monday, February 3, 2014

MDT: Kit!

I normally do these in the order that they are requested, but it was requested quite a few times so I decided to do her!
Personally, I think Kit is ADORABLE. I would get her, but since my sister has her already... At least I get to use her sometimes. :) I really love her meet outfit, it is very stylish and works great for modern clothes. Kit has very bright aqua eyes, they really stand out against her skin and hair... and the little sprinkle of freckles across her nose is very cute. And Kit's little bob... it's what she's famous for, and why everyone loves her. ;)

This dress is pretty cute. I really love the design on it, but I think all her dresses are somewhat alike in style... Ah, well! They're all cute! And the touch of red in this dress is very nice. :)

Very cute! I love this dress, and it's only $24! What a great price! May have to get this for my dolls or my sister's Kit... :D


Eh... this is okay... it is cute, I must say... but it isn't really something Kit would wear, she didn't like ruffles and pink, sooooooo....

Yes! And this is adollable too! I would absolutely love to have this, it would be great for travelling! :D The colors are very pretty, and I like the style. The scarf is a very nice accessory. :)

AHHHHH! So cute! This is just... too cute for words. Let's just say we all love this. Am I right, or am I right? (The headband....oooooooooh....)

Grace is so cuuuuuuuuute! An adorable little puppy... just the right size for a dolly.

My sister has this set! I really like it, but there's not much "play value" in it for younger kids. It is great for making stopmotions, though, but I have yet to make one with it.

This scooter is very cute! I love the little place for Grace (hey it rhymes!), but I think that it shouldn't have Kit and Grace's names on it, because what if someone wants to get this and they don't have Kit? What then?!

Well, that's it for this MDT! Hope you liked it! Yes, I realize I did not do all of Kit's collection, but I was shot on time and MDTs don't need to have the whole collection. 

Bye for now!


  1. I really do enjoy Kit and her story. My only complaint is that she has too many outfits for a girl growing up during the Great Depression whose family is on the brink of losing their house to the bank. But that does come into play as you noted her dresses seem very similar in style as mom or auntie or grandma would have used the same pattern for each dress with material she could re-purpose from feed sacks. If you have a chance I wholeheartedly suggest "Welcome To Kit's World." It explains a lot.

  2. Great review! Yes, I quite agree about how many dresses she has. It's a little odd, and that summer dress looks like something that would've belonged to Ruthie, not Kit!

    1. Sharing clothes I completely understand. Like when Ruthie gave Kit her one Christmas dress. :)


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