Saturday, February 22, 2014

Curly-haired Mosi

Mosi got her hair curled! After I did Kanani's I decided to try it on her hair. After I left the curlers in for about a day, this is what it turned out to be like.

Super curly!!! I wasn't too crazy about those ringlets, so I kind of brushed them out, so it was more wavy, but not as wavy as her hair was before I curled it.

See? Not as curly. :) I brushed it out even more for the photoshoot I did with her the other day.

Hope you get some ideas from this post. :) What cute new hairstyle has your doll gotten done recently?



  1. Cute! I've attempted the Legolas braid a few times, but it turns out AG's aren't designed for Middle Earth hairstyles.

  2. Wow, her hair looks fantastic, I ADORE curls! My Kaya has been rocking the princess Leia recently and she looks so cute! Love your blog!
    My blog:

  3. She looks fabulous with all three looks. Maybe save the ringlets for a fancy event.

  4. I have a heart for heart girl doll too: Nahji and lillian


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