Sunday, June 1, 2014

Name change?

Hey everyone. I have been thinking recently... What would you do if I changed the name of my blog, Google+, and YouTube?
The current name is "Marisa's American Girls" and I feel like it is too long and not very creative.
I would like to change it to something like "SeastarAGs" or something beachy-ish... If you understand what I mean. ;)
So what is your opinion about this? Do you have any name suggestions?
Please give me your feedback and suggestions!

~Marisa <3

P.S. I know I keep saying this, but sorry for the lack of posts recently. We had exams last week... But summer is coming up soon! (We get out of school in a week, so stay put!)


  1. I like Sea Star Productions, but think you should leave off the AG. Personally, the AG is so many blogs and Instagrams always confuses me, and looks unoriginal. I thought about for a few days before I thought of Chestnut Street, ended up loving it! Some of my favorite blogs are some of the best names; Dolly Dorm Diaries, Toy Box Philosopher, Among the Dolls, Saleen's Style, ect. Alliteration always works if you're stuck :) Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks Juliet! You always have the best ideas. ;) I mean, Bristol came to life from your ideas, and my new blog name may take place from your ideas too! ;)
      Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


  2. What about: seagull adventures? seashell fun? girly lagoons?


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