Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mini Dolls switch clothes!

The other day I was bored and wanted to see what my three mini dolls, Saige, Molly, and Marie-Grace looked like when they wore each other's clothes. Here are the results...


Saige-nized Molly

Saige-nized Marie Grace

Molly-nized Saige

Molly-nized Marie Grace

Marie Grace-nized Molly

Marie Grace-nized Saige


Funny, huh?
 What mini dolls do you have? Have you ever done this to your mini dolls?
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  1. Replies
    1. Me too! It makes her look old- fashioned, don't you think? I see you have 18" Saige, too!

    2. So do I! I wish I had 18" Saige, one of my friends has her, and she's so pretty!!!!!!!

  2. I have a Cecile mini doll, but I'm hoping to get GOTY 2014 mini and Saige mini really soon! I'm saving up for an AG doll at the moment!

    My Blog: www.meandmelly.blogspot.com.au

    1. And my three little sisters have Marie-Grace, Ivy and Molly.

    2. Nice! There is a lot of information regarding the GOTY 2014. What doll are you saving up for?
      I am not saving up for any dolls yet since I just got Liz a few months ago. I like to wait about a year or two before I get new dolls, but it is fine if i get some before that.
      Please follow my blog, I only have 2 followers.


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