Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New AG 2013 Fall/Winter Collection!

Hey did you see the new outfits and accessories from American Girl? They are so cute! I will definitely be getting some! Here they all are.

I love this! It is so adorable! I really want to get it. 

Goes with the Frosty fair Isle Outfit (above). A nice accessory!

This is okay, I don't really like the layering of the shorts and leggings, but separated they are nice to mix and match.

I LOVE THIS!!!! But $36 is a bit much, too much for me... sadly.

This isn't one of my favorites, it's kind of bland, and $36 dollars is atrocious for this.

I am very disappointed with these two sets. The outfit is okay, the price is horrible- $24. The gymnastics set is cool, but it's exactly what McKenna had except a different color. 

 I love these! They are so cute and I love polar bears. They are very unique because AG normally has pink on their outfits.

I don't like this. I don't need it.

I love this spa chair and think it is absolutely adorable! It would be such a cool prop for stop motions, but $110 dollars is so much money for this!

These are very cute but VERY expensive. $28!

This is nice but what's the purpose of it?

Well, that's all the new items.  I think I covered them all. If I didn't, post a comment and I will add it.


P.S. Don't forget to enter your picture by Friday! I only have one entry so far!


  1. i like the spa chair but that cost! no spa charr for me

    1. Yes! I agree!

      -Marisa and her American Girls


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